• One of the many problems with owning ALL THE THINGS is anti-competitive optics.

    For example, it becomes suspicious when YouTube TV can’t reach a deal with Disney when Disney is the majority owner in Hulu and Hulu Live is a direct competitor and has the most to gain from no deal.

  • The Hank-Henry Permanent Calendar

    Today I learned there’s a calendar created by an astronomer called the Hank-Henry Permanent Calendar that is identical every year.

    • Every 5-6 years there’s a 1-week Mini-Month
    • The extra month brings the 🗓 into sync with seasonal changes due to the 🌎 orbit.
    • No need to arrange 📆 each year. Do it once, and it is done forevermore.

  • I have the same question but have no intention of reading the article and finding out. My level of disappointment in society is already at an all time low.

  • Delivery drivers probably hold the record for the most times a person has stepped in 🐶💩

  • Cow aerodynamics… just because

  • My Mastodon-compatible username: @jon@henshaw.social

    That’s all I know

  • Polls are showing that this year’s Festivus grievances will increase by 27% compared to last year’s grievances.

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