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Coronavirus has been good for Zoom. They've added 2.22 million monthly active users so far in 2020, while in the whole of 2019 they added 1.99 million.

Many people are being introduced to remote work for the first time.

Biggest cuts in HHS plan to transfer $ to coronavirus response:
- $37.4 million: Low Income Home Energy Assistance
- $12.3 million: National Cancer Institute
- $7.5 million: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services program management
- $7.3 million: National Institute on Aging

Google Ads is changing the requirements for its Google Partners badge program by the end of June 2020. One change, in particular, requires partners to adopt a high percentage of recommendations that are made by Google’s machine learning or risk losing their badge. Agencies are claiming Google’s optimizations are ignoring their expertise and don’t make sense for their clients’ campaigns.

A huge list of alternatives to Google products. Privacy tips, tricks, and links.

Google introduced lazy loading in Chrome 76 last year.

WordPress will enable lazy loading in the 5.4 release which is on March 31st.

Mozilla will enable lazy loading in Firefox 75 which is on April 7th.

This makes the web greener & faster 👏

ICANN's Chairman says the community's opposition to the private equity takeover of .ORG is making this "a challenging time" for ICANN and the Internet Society. Let's keep challenging them to stand up for nonprofits' speech. Sign the petition at

Open-source URL shortener ‘YOURLS’ gets updated with Bitly-like random keyword plugin

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